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Zipfian Science Python Tools


Zipfian Science Python Tools (zipfsci) is a Python package being developed for easy design and implementation of Evolutionary Algorithm experimentation. The package includes Genetic Algorithm and Genetic Programming implementations with tools for experimenting with different evolutionary strategies.

This package includes tools for evolving ML solutions such as pipeline building and hyper-parameter optimisation.


Project goals


The project aims to collect tools for running EA experiments in flexible but easy to use classes. These will allow researchers to run large optimisation pipelines and run them over distributed systems with an API connector.

Generic GA tools

10 %

Generic GP tools

0 %

Generic ML pipeline tools

15 %

Analysis and reporting

20 %

API connector

0 %


Project milestones reached

Pipeline tools (v0.1)

Tools for constructing experimentation pipelines

Generic reporting tools (v0.1)

Tools for reporting on experimentation data.

Generic GA (v0.1)

A generic approach to evolving solutions using GA

Coming soon!


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