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Rickle is a comprehensive Python library and command-line tool designed for handling YAML and JSON data. It supports serialization of Python objects into YAML, ensuring data is readable and shareable. The tool includes features for schema validation and generation, which help maintain data integrity and structure. Additionally, rickle facilitates the conversion between YAML and JSON formats, enhancing data interchange between different systems. One of its standout features is the ability to set up a simple web server using only a YAML file, which is ideal for quickly prototyping web services or creating mock REST APIs. Overall, rickle is a cool little resource for developers and data engineers who need to manage configuration files.

pip install rickled Successfully installed rickled


Status: released

Current state of package

The tool is versatile and applicable across a broad spectrum of scenarios, primarily due to its core functionality of interpreting YAML documents as Python objects. This capability has extended the utility of the tool far beyond its initial scope. Additionally, the tool now supports TOML, XML, INI, and .ENV, catering to a wider variety of data serialization needs and further broadening its potential applications and making it an even more resourceful asset for developers working with different data formats. This expansion reflects a commitment to evolving the tool to meet diverse user requirements and to stay adaptable in the dynamic field of configuration.

YAML support

100 %

JSON support

100 %

TOML support

100 %

XML support

100 %

INI support

100 %

.env support

100 %

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