Natural Selection

Evolutionary Algorithms in Python

Natural Selection is a Python library specifically designed to facilitate experiments involving genetic algorithms and genetic programming. It offers a robust, object-oriented approach, making it an intuitive and effective tool for users interested in running these types of evolutionary computations. This package simplifies the implementation of complex genetic experiments, providing a user-friendly interface that integrates seamlessly with Python's programming environment.

pip install natural-selection Successfully installed natural-selection


Status: alpha

Current state of package

The project aims to encompass a comprehensive range of crossover and selection functions within a user-friendly island-based framework. The ultimate objective is to facilitate easy integration and utilisation of these genetic operations, streamlining the process for users. Additionally, the project is designed with scalability in mind, with a long-term goal of implementing parallelisation. This would enable more efficient processing and execution of genetic algorithms by distributing tasks across multiple computing resources, thus significantly enhancing performance and speed in evolutionary computing tasks.

Island Framework

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Genetic Algorithms - Operators

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Genetic Programming - Operators

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