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by Zipfian Science, 29-11-2018

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Introduction Background and Interests


Hi! Welcome to my short bio! I am grand master, founder number 0, general secretary and facilities custodian of Zipfian Science. Generally known by my hacker handle cuniculus, when I was still penetrating Norad back in 1983 before "Lightman" made it popular to do so. I was born in the early 90s to a rapidly expanding network of sleezy p0rn websites, or what we call web 1.0 now. My first computer was an IBM compatible with DOS (not MS-DOS), the first games I played were Prince of Persia and Wolf3D. This short bio aims to give a bit of background to me, highlighting some interests and fun projects.

Background and Interests

Born, raised and maize fed in Southern Africa, I was unlucky to miss the 80s although being a 90s born kid gave me the luck of growing up with Pokémon, Tamagotchi's, WAP browsing on feature phones, cheap 256mb MP3 players, the nu-metal to go with the MP3 player, and many more wonders and disasters (baggy pants and shirts, the peroxide spikey hair, pop music, let's not list them all).

I like a lot of things about the older internet and technology from the earlier home computer years. BBS and Usenet groups, war dialling, dot matrix printers and floppies. However, when it comes to modern computing, bio and neural inspired algorithms are what really get me excited. That is why you'll find tools like natural-selection on this site. Computational linguistics in general is fascinating and that's why I collect old texts to dive into some interesting analysis of the pre-web internet. I am a bit of a digital philologist.

Follow the blog for posts about projects, little experiments, guides, and general musings. Here's me face:

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